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We are confident in our talent to bring concept to idea, idea into sketch, and sketch into reality. Our artists work closely with clients to create visual aids that best represent their goal. Once the storyboard has finished the production begins.

Kim Jang Hoon ft. Paris Hilton - "Nothing" 3D MV 


3D Filming & Production

We have the skills and experience to produce the most professional outcome. The ability to optimize technical problems and being highly effective on set is a skill that only true professionals have acquired over the extensive years in the professional industry. 

Our crew has over 20 years of experience in the Entertainment industry. Veterans in film production, we have the experience and knowledge to accomplish what it takes to produce the most difficult and complex scenarios and create something beautiful as a result.



'Kim Jang Hoon


producer & singer of rock ballad in South Korea.

Paris Hilton

featuring in Kim Jang Hoon's "Nothing" Music Video. Sponsored by LG 3D TV contents in 2008.